Report abuse or neglect: Call 1-800-252-5400

TRIAD Prevention Program: Call 713-295-2600

Harris County Protective
for Children and Adults
At the Heart of Families

Intake Diversion Program

HCPS and Harris County Juvenile Probation staff work side-by-side 24 hours a day at the Youth Services Center with at-risk youth who are either identified by law enforcement or through walk-ins. Staff provide the following services in English and Spanish:

Crisis intervention
Referrals to assist families
Comprehensive assessments
Screening for placement in the Kinder Emergency Shelter for youth living with family

If you or a young person in your life needs help due to running away, family conflict or any other at-risk behavior, contact Intake 24 hours a day at 713-295-2600.

Walk-ins are also welcome at 6300 Chimney Rock Rd.